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Assisted Professional Email (Office 365) FAQ
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions discussing Assisted Professional Email powered by Office 365
How To Cancel Subscription Services
How to cancel subscription services via your account
Log Into The Console
How to login to The Console - the online management portal for your domains and services with Melbourne IT
Setup Website and URL forwarding
Setup Webiste and URL forwarding on the Web and Email Forwarder or Domain Manager services
Log Into cPanel
How to log into your cPanel service with Melbourne IT through The Console.
How do I delegate to Melbourne IT name servers?
A guide on how to delegate to Melbourne IT's hosting servers, if your domain is under a different registrar.
Updating PHP version
An article describing how to change the PHP version on your Melbourne IT hosting plan.
How do I create or edit a subdomain on my Melbourne IT hosting?
A guide on how to create or edit a subdomain on your Melbourne IT hosting.