Account Navigation
Update Your Account Details
Step by step guide to updating the account contact details for your Melbourne IT account in The Console.
Support Code Authentication
Your support code - how to find it, when you need to provide it and why we want it.
Manage Your Domain
How to manage your domain and any email addresses, FTP account, or DNS settings associated with it.
Log Into The Console
How to login to The Console - the online management portal for your domains and services with Melbourne IT
Update Credit Card Information
How to update credit card information for your whole account in The Console
How To Cancel Subscription Services
How to cancel subscription services via your account
Updating your contact & payment details
A guide on how to update your contact and payment details.
Accessing Account Information
Information around how to access your account and the information within - a general guide with some useful tips and common names for each section of the account, as well as information on recovering login details.