Standard Retail Pricing For All TLD's

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The Console, our account management portal, is undergoing some upgrades in the next month and we won’t be accepting payments via  $USD AMEX  moving forward . This will come into effect from mid December 2017. For each TLD (the .com on the end of the domain) there's a different price, so we've listed the standard price for each TLD below - along with the old USD price;
ProductsYearly AUD PriceYearly USD Price

Functionally, this change shouldn't have any effect on the domain names or your website or emails that are attached. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly support staff.
TitleStandard Retail Pricing For All TLD's
URL NameStandard-Retail-Pricing-For-All-TLD-s

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