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Melbourne IT, Retail, Pre-Migration FAQs

1. How do I log into my account after the migration?

There are no changes to the way you log into your account.

Navigate to  

Type in your existing Melbourne IT account reference and password in the fields provided and click Login.

2. Will my username or password change?

Your username and password to log into your account will remain the same.

3. Will my website(s) go down during the migration?

We will be migrating customer zone data as part of the migration, followed by re-delegation to the Melbourne IT nameservers.

If your domain name is registered through Melbourne IT, no action is required by you and there is no downtime expected.

If your domain name is not registered through Melbourne IT, you will need to update the Nameservers for your domain name to avoid downtime. We will provide you with information about this with your scheduling communication.

4. How do I contact someone for assistance?

We have comprehensive support pages here.

Also, 24 hour phone and email support.

Phone: 1300 654 677, or for International: +61 3 8624 2300

5. What happens if my services are due for renewal?

We will carry over any subscription services and associated billing information.

For non-domain name products, customers will be billed on the anniversary date of their purchase.

If you have an outstanding invoice from Melbourne IT, please settle it as per usual.

6. Will my Melbourne IT communication preferences change?

No, we will contact you the same way we always have. Let us know if you’ve changed your preference though.

7. Will my current DNS/nameserver details change?

Yes. Domains that are currently using legacy Melbourne IT DNS services will be migrated to the new Melbourne IT Console DNS management interface. This will require nameservers to be pointed to the following:



If your domain name is registered with us, we will complete this on your behalf and you will not need to make any changes.

If your domain name is not registered with Melbourne IT, we will provide you with information relevant to your situation during the migration process. (see point 3 above)

8. Do I need to change my email settings?

We are currently migrating customers with domain registration and DNS hosting. These customers will not need any changes to email settings as part of this migration. 

9. Will my existing payment details or billing settings change?

Any billing preferences you have will be carried across with your account, including domain and hosting expiry dates and auto-renew settings. We provide slightly different notices for domain renewals and subscription services and will notify you in advance of an upcoming renewal.

Post migration all invoices/receipts will be generated by Melbourne IT Ltd.  

For more information on The Console Accepted Methods of Payment, please click here.

10. Will my Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy details change?

At the completion of the move, you will be subject to Melbourne IT Terms and Conditions.


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