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Melbourne IT's Nameservers

For your domain name to point to your service you'll need to delegate your domain to a set of nameservers. Melbourne IT has different nameservers tailored for different products. Once your domain has been delegated to our nameservers you can then manage your DNS records in their respective management interface.

If your domain name is registered by a third-party registrar you will need to contact your registrar in order to update your nameservers, instructions for certain registrars are in this article: How do I delegate to Melbourne IT name servers?

If your interested in more information regarding the technicalities and framework behind nameservers Wikipedia has a good breakdown.

To modify the name servers your domain is currently delegated to, follow the instructions below.

  1.     Log into your Account
  2.     Manage the domain you want to make changes to
  3.     On the next page, click Domain Name
  4.     Scroll down to the Domain Delegation section
  5.     Type in the name servers you want to point your domain name to in the host name text fields
  6.     Click [Update Name Servers]

Please note, DNS changes take several hours to propagate. You will not notice the changes right away.

Cloud Hosting Nameservers

If you have purchased Cloud Hosting or have been migrated to the Cloud platform you can use these nameservers to manage your DNS. We've made it easy and pre-filled all the records according to your plan. So if you've made some email accounts or uploaded your website to our Cloud Platform everything is pointed for you by default. For more information on how to manage your DNS with these nameservers please refer to this article. (How do I manage my DNS on Cloud?)

@               IN           NS

@               IN           NS

@               IN           NS

cPanel Hosting Nameservers

If you have purchased cPanel Hosting you have access to these nameservers to manage your DNS. All of your records are pointed by default to cPanels website hosting & email service. For more information on how to manage your DNS with these nameservers please refer to this article. (How do I manage my DNS on cPanel?)

@               IN           NS

@               IN           NS


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