Managed Social Media FAQs

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How often will my social media specialist contact me?

Your social media specialist will contact you every fortnight for a 30 minute reporting call. They will make sure to arrange a convenient time for you during standard business hours of 9am to 5pm and send a meeting invitation.

What’s included in my fortnightly report?

Your social media specialist will call you every fortnight to discuss your report. During this call your social media specialist will provide you with a detailed report that summarises the work that has been completed over the past two weeks along with learnings and recommendations for the next two weeks.

If you've selected a Facebook Ad pack then your social media specialist will also provide information about how your campaigns have performed, how many people the advertisement reached and recommendations for how to improve the campaign performance.

How can I review and approve content before it’s published?

Your social media specialist will contact you via email with any content requiring your review. Generally you will have up to 2 days to review and provide any feedback, with approval needing to occur within the 2 days to ensure there are no delays in the process.

Which social media profiles should I setup?  

During your initial discovery call, your social media specialist will work with you to determine which four social media profiles you should setup.  It’s important to setup and focus on the social media profiles that your customers are using, as you do not want to waste time managing a profile that no one engages with.

All packages include management of four social profiles and you can purchase management of additional social profiles if required.

What are the advantages of having an active social presence?

Social media channels are major generators of content.  As Google loves indexing content generated through various social media channels such as Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, an active social media presence can greatly improve your search engine ranking and generate a high volume of traffic to your website.

Also having a regularly updated social media presence on Google+ can mean that your website is indexed faster and you receive better search engine rankings in Google.

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