How to lodge a support request with Melbourne IT?

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We realise that sometimes getting online can be difficult, one of our core values is providing world-class customer service. There are multiple support channels for Melbourne IT. Our customer service operates 24/7 for both phone & email based support. You can either call Melbourne IT using numbers below or send us an email.

Alternatively head over to and on the right hand side under support you can click on "Submit a Support Enquiry"


Australia1300 654 677
International+61 3 8624 2300

If you contact Melbourne IT customer service by the contact us form or , a case will be generated for you. All of our cases follow the following format : CAS-XXXXXXX-XXXX . You can use this reference number when contacting customer service if you have an ongoing support request.

Want to give us some feedback about our customer service operation? Shoot off an email to and tell us how we did.
TitleHow to lodge a support request with Melbourne IT?
URL NameHow-to-lodge-a-support-request-with-Melbourne-IT

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