How to change Mac Mail settings for cPanel email

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If you have been recently migrated there is a good chance you'll need to change a few email settings. Please use this guide to modify an existing mailbox setup in the email client Mac Mail.

The guide follows settings for a POP configuration which is the most common type of email setup, however if your interested in using an IMAP setup please follow the guide, but refer to the table at the bottom of this article for settings pertaining to IMAP.

WARNING: If you're updating an existing email account setup in Mac Mail do not delete the account as this will delete all mail associated to the account

1. Open up the Mail application
2. Select mail in the top left hand corner and click on 'Preferences...'.
3. Once in 'Preferences...' click on the 'Accounts Tab'

MacMail 1

This is the Accounts tab. Here you will see a list of your email accounts down the left hand side.
4. Select the applicable email account. It will most likely display POP or IMAP.
5. Ensure the account is 'Enabled'. 
6. For incoming mail server you will need to have
7. Your username will be your full email address , the password being your mailbox password.
MacMail for cPanel

8. If you wish to send through Melbourne IT's mail servers please click on the drop down box located next to Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP).
9. This will now display a list of the Outgoing Mail Server's (SMTP), select 'Edit SMTP Server List...'
MacMail 3
10. Under the Account Information tab enter your server name as
11. Description can be anything, then change to the 'Advanced Tab'
MacMail for cPanel
​12. Ensure the port entered is 587 & authentication is set to password.
13. For your username field enter your full email address and then your email account password.
MacMail for cPanel

14. Simply click OK! And go back into Mac Mail.
15. Your cloud email account should now be configured to work correctly with Mac Mail. If you wish to use IMAP or review our email settings please refer to the settings table below. 


Email Settings

Your NameYour name as you wish it to appear for your recipients.Example Name
Email AddressYour full email
Incoming mail serverYour incoming mail
Outgoing mail server (SMTP)Enter our outgoing mail server. Please note that if you wish to send through our SMTP server it does require
User NameYour full email
PasswordYour mailbox password***************
Incoming PortFor POP the default port is 110 , however if using SSL the port is 995.

For IMAP the default port is 143, however if using SSL the port is 993.

Normal = 110
SSL =  995

Normal = 143
SSL = 993

Outgoing PortMost ISP's tend to block port 25, so we recommend you use 587.Non SSL = 587
SSL = 465
TitleHow to change Mac Mail settings for cPanel email
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