How do I transfer a Domain Name?

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Note: This article covers Melbourne IT DPS customers only.
For non-DPS customers, please use the steps found here.

Transfers into Melbourne IT DPS

How to transfer a single domain name
  1. Log in to your parent-level Admin Panel
  2. Hover over the 'Domains' tab, and select 'Transfer'
  3. Enter the domain name in the available text field
  4. Select the extension of the domain name from the drop down menu
  5. Enter the domain password (this may also be known as an EPP code or transfer code)
  6. Click 'Add'
  7. Your domain will be added to the transfer list. If the status is Ok, you can proceed with the domain name transfer
  8. Select whether you want to renew the domain on transfer
  9. Link the transfer of the domain name to an existing or new sub-account
  10. Accept the terms and conditions
  11. Click 'Transfer Domains'

How to transfer multiple domain names
  1. Log in to your parent-level Admin Panel
  2. Hover over the 'Domains' tab, and select 'Transfer'
  3. To transfer multiple domain names, upload a CSV file containing the domain names to be transferred in column A, and the corresponding domain passwords in column B
  4. Your domains will be added to the transfer list. If the status is Ok, you can proceed with the domain name transfer
  5. Select whether you want to renew the domain on transfer
  6. Link the transfer of the domain name to an existing or new customer account
  7. Accept the terms and conditions
  8. Click 'Transfer Domains'

How to Transfer a .uk domain name
  1. Contact your existing registrar and request that they change your domain’s IPS-TAG to PLANETDOMAIN-AU. This is a unique code that refers to our accreditation with the .uk registry, and this change can only be completed by the existing registrar.
  2. Contact, providing the domain name and account reference that you want the domain to be added to.
  3. When we confirm that the domain name has been allocated to PLANETDOMAIN-AU, we will create a record in our system.
Please note that with .uk domain transfers, a request for authorisation email is NOT required.
If you have any questions, or if you require advice, contact

Domain Name Transfer Duration
The time it takes for a domain transfer depends on the domain extension. Following the acceptance of the transfer email, approximate transfer timeframe will be:
Domain ExtensionTime to Transfer
.au2 days
.com / .net / .org / .info / .biz5-7 days
.nz1 day
.co.uk5-7 days
Approving .au domain name transfers
Once a request to transfer a domain name to Melbourne IT DPS has been made, an email will be sent to your domain’s registrant contact email address (this email address can be checked at Afilias' website). Please allow up to 2 hours for this email to send. If you do not have access to this email address, contact your current registrar and request that they update your domain’s registrant contact email address.
To proceed with the domain name transfer, click an approval link that is sent to the registrant contact email address. Once clicked, the domain transfer process begins. It generally takes up to 48 hours from approval for the .au domain to transfer to Melbourne IT DPS.

Transfer Checklist for .com/.net/.org/.info/.biz & New Gtld Domain Names
Perform a whois search on the domain name you wish to transfer to confirm the following.

1. Ensure the domain name is not within 60 days of initial registration or a previous registrar transfer
Domain names cannot be transferred within the first 60 days of being registered, or within 60 days of being transferred from another registrar. Some registrars have internal rules to prevent domain name transfers within 60 days of registrant information updates as well. You will need to check with your existing registrar to determine if this applies to your domain.

2. Domain name is in ACTIVE / OK status
To transfer a domain, it must have an “ACTIVE” or “OK” status.
  • If the status is “LOCKED”, contact your current registrar to have the domain unlocked
  • If the status is “ON HOLD” or “REDEMPTION PERIOD”, you will not be able to transfer the domain.
Melbourne IT DPS recommends initiating your domain name transfer at least 7 days prior to expiry. If the domain name expires during transfer, the DNS will stop working. Therefore, your website and/or email services on the domain will stop working until transfer completes.

3. Administrative contact’s email address is correct, up to date, and accessible
The administrative whois contact for your domain name must authorise a transfer before it can proceed. This is done via an “Authorization for Registrar Transfer” email, which is sent to the domain’s administrative email address. If you do not respond to this email, your domain transfer will not complete.
Check whois to ensure that the administrative contact email address is accessible. If this address is inaccurate or inaccessible, update it with your existing registrar before submitting your domain transfer request.

4. Obtain the domain authorisation code (EPP Password) from current registrar
The registries for .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info domain names require a domain password (sometimes called auth code, auth info or EPP code) to approve all domain transfers. Obtain this code from your current registrar before submitting your transfer. This EPP code must be entered into the domain transfer approval email which is sent to your administrative contact to ensure that the domain transfer completes.

5. Valid payment details for renewal of the domain (upon completion of transfer, the domain is renewed for 1 year)
Once you have completed the above steps, you'll be able to submit a transfer request to transfer the registration of your domain name to Melbourne IT DPS.

Transfers away from Melbourne IT DPS

How to transfer a domain away
For .uk domains, please email with your domain name, support code for your account and the IPS-TAG of your new registrar (please contact the new registrar to get this tag). We will point your domain to your new registrar, then you will have to contact your new registrar to have them complete the transfer.

How to transfer all other extensions away
For all other domain extensions, the domain name transfer will begin with your new registrar. Supply them with your domain transfer password (EPP, auth-code or UDAI), then confirm the transfer with the relevant email address.

For more information, please contact your Account Manager

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