How To Renew A Domain Name Registration

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Melbourne IT will send you three email reminders before your domain expires. The first email reminder is sent 89 days prior to expiry with the other two being sent 30 and 5 days prior to expiry. This email includes a link to renew the expiring domain. If you missed these emails, you can still renew your domain by following the instructions below:

Express renewal

Renew your domain now by clicking on the button below.

Renew domain

Renew online via The Console

  1. Log into the Console.
  2. Click [Domains due for renewal] located in the ACCOUNT ALERTS area
  3. Tick the box corresponding to the domain(s) you wish to renew
  4. Click [Renew Selected]

Unable to renew online?

If you are unable to renew your domain online, you can download the manual domain renewal form below, print it, fill it out and submit it via email or fax. Before you fill this form out, you should contact us, as filling out the printed PDF form doesn't always guarantee renewal of your domain.


Domain Renewal Form (82.6 KB)


My domain name is registered with another company

To renew a domain through Melbourne IT that is registered with another company, you will need to transfer your domain to Melbourne IT.

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