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When transferring a domain name between registrars or changing the ownership of a domain name, you may be required to provide a Domain Authorisation code. A domain authorisation code is often referred to as an auth code, an EPP code, or a domain password. Depending on which registrar your domain is registered through and what type of domain you have, the steps to obtain your domains authorisation code may differ. The instructions below outline how to obtain your domains authorisation code through Melbourne IT and by using the auDA website:

Domain registered with Melbourne IT

If your domain is currently registered with us, the auth code may be found within the Console. Follow the instructions below to obtain your auth code.

  1. Log into your Account
  2. Manage the domain you want to make changes to
  3. Click Domain Name
  4. Click ‘Show’ next to ‘EPP Password’
  5. If you have a .au domain, you will need to click on View, located next to Current domain password (Auth-Info) in order to see your auth code

Domain auth code isn't visible within the Console

Depending on the type of domain you have registered, the domain auth code may not be visible within the Console. If you have access to the Console and have followed the steps above but cannot locate your domain auth code, please contact our support team for assistance. We can organise to have the domain auth code emailed to the admin email contact listed in your domains WHOIS contact details.

If you do not have access to the Console but require your auth code, you may need to reset your console password. You can do so here.

Domain isn't registered with Melbourne IT

.au domain name (,,

If you own a .au domain name, you may use the instructions below to get the auDA to email the domain auth code to the registrant email address listed in your domains WHOIS contact details.

  1. Go to
  2. Type the domain name for which the auth code is required into the Domain Name text field.
  3. Click [Query]. The auDA auth code recovery service will display the Registrar of Record, the Registrant Name, and the Contact Email for the domain.
  4. Click [Email] to have the auth code sent to the contact email address. If this email address is not correct, contact that Registrar of Record to request assistance.

Generic TLD domains (com, net, org, biz)

To recover the auth code for a gTLD domain, contact the registrar of record for that domain for assistance. To find the registrar for a given gTLD:

  1. Go to
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions to perform a look up against your domain.
  3. The results from the WHOIS look up will display the current registrar for your domain.
TitleDomain Password/EPP Code/Auth Code
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