DomaiNZ to Melbourne IT DPS Migration FAQ

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1. How do I log in to my account now?

  1. Navigate to the login page
  2. Type in your account reference and password in the fields provided
  3. Click Login

2. Will my username or password change?

No, your username and password remain the same

3. Will there be a change in services on offer?

We offer a new range of products and services although they are very similar to the ones that you already know, please contact your Account Manager or call us directly on +61 2 9215 6001 (International Callers) so we can understand your needs and help you accordingly.

4. Will my pricing change?

There may be changes to your pricing, however, this will be confirmed in detail prior to migration.  

5.  What changes will I notice to Terms & Conditions?

At the completion of the move, you will be subject to the MIT Domain Portfolio Solutions Terms and Conditions

6. Will my website go down during the migration?

We will be migrating customer zone data as part of the migration, followed by redelegation to Melbourne IT DPS nameservers.

If your domain is registered through DomaiNZ, no action is required by you and there is no downtime expected.

If your domain is not registered through DomaiNZ, you will need to update the nameservers for your domain to avoid downtime. We will provide you with information about this as part of the migration process.  

7. Will my current DNS/name server details change?

Yes. Domains that are currently using DomaiNZ DNS services will be migrated to the Melbourne IT DNS management interface. This will require nameservers to be pointed to the following:
Domainz customers migrating to Melbourne IT DPS will be delegated to the following name servers:
Domainz resellers migrating to Melbourne IT DPS will be delegated to the following name servers:

If your domain is registered with DomaiNZ, we will complete this on your behalf and you will not need to make any changes.

If your domain is not registered with DomaiNZ, you will need to manage the delegation of your domain name with the registrar of record that your domain is through.

To determine which registrar your domain is registered with and who you should contact for assistance, perform a Whois lookup against your domain name. A Whois lookup will also allow you to see what name servers your domain is currently delegated to.

8. Do I need to change my email settings?

All your email settings remain, no changes necessary.

9. How do I make a credit card payment?

The Console offers customers the ability to automate invoice payments via Credit Card. This is a hassle free way to manage paying your account.

Accepted credit cards:

  • Visa 
  • MasterCard 

Credit Card payments will have the following transaction reference on your bank statement:

Melbourne IT Ltd

Pay by Visa or Mastercard online and securely at

10. Can I continue to make Direct Transfer (EFT) Payments?

We will continue to accept Direct Transfer (EFT) Payments.

Upon receiving your invoice, you will be able to transfer your payment to us online from your bank account.

Please find below the necessary payment details:

Bank of New Zealand
Account Name: Domainz Ltd
Account No: 02 0500 0770853 001

Please ensure you quote the Account Reference and an Invoice Number as the bank deposit reference.

Please send the remittance advice to 

Check your financial institution's processing deadlines to avoid making a late payment.

11. How do I contact someone for assistance?

Melbourne IT have comprehensive support pages:

Also, 24/7 phone, email and chat support:
International: +61 3 8624 2300

12. When did this change take place, I've never been notified about this?

All customers were contacted via the primary email address on their account.  Communications were attempted by phone and email, between 15-30 days out, then again at 7 days out from the move taking place.  If you haven't received the aforementioned communications, please view your SPAM folder and/or you may be required to update the primary email address on your account.


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