Complaints Handling & Feedback Policy

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Should you wish to escalate your concerns or provide feedback on an experience during your contact with Melbourne IT, where you have received less than expected levels ofservice or a positive service experience, please advise the staff member with whom you’ve been communicating.

Our customer service staff are trained to escalate concerns to their immediate manager or team leader at the time of the call and or email contact. Alternatively a call back can be arranged if required within the current or next business day. Which option a customer receives is dependent on the date and time of call and availability of the individuals within the leadership teams.

If your complaint has been raised to the leadership teams and you have still had either no response or a response that you feel has been inadequate to resolve your needs, you can contact our Feedback Management Team.

Please summarise your issue, including your account reference, your full name and contact details via email to

Alternatively you can contact us by post:

Critical Care
Melbourne IT Pty Ltd
PO Box 270
Broadway, Sydney NSW 2007

Upon submission of a complaint and or feedback via email, you will receive an automated tracking number by return email, and all future communication in regards to that matter should reference that number. We will make best commercial endeavours to make contact with you within 48 business hours from receipt of your feedback. If you do not receive a tracking number, it means Melbourne IT have not received your complaint. In this instance please contact our helpdesk and an operator will assist you in submitting a written complaint. 

We welcome any feedback, both positive and negative, regarding your experience(s), our policies and processes, staff, our conduct in the industry as a domain and service provider and any general industry concerns you may have. We strive every day to improve our service to you.  All feedback will be attended to by either a senior member of our management staff, or a member of our executive team.

TitleComplaints Handling & Feedback Policy
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