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Creating a backup of your email in Microsoft Outlook 2011

This article relates to Microsoft Outlook 2011, which is the latest Microsoft email client for Apple OSX. If you are running Microsoft Outlook on a Windows computer, please have a look at the other guides available on our site.
1. To begin, open Microsoft Outlook 2011. Click File, then click Export.... 
2. You can choose to export to a raw text file, or to the .OLM file format associated with Outlook 2011. Click the right arrow when you're happy with your options.
3. Now decide if you'd like to delete your mail after it's exported or leave it in place. Click the right arrow once you've decided.
4. Now we tell the program where we'd like to save the backup. Choose where you'd like to save the file, then click Save.
Outlook 2011 will now export your data into the .OLM file (or raw text file, if you chose that option).
You can now burn this file to disk or upload it to a cloud storage solution. By doing this, you'll ensure that you can retrieve your mail stored in this backup, even if you lose the original computer it was made from.
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