Setting up your cPanel email in MacMail

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Setting up your POP email in MacMail is easy. Please be aware that this guide is based off MacMail 8.1 however earlier versions of MacMail follow a very similar process.
  1. Open your MacMail
  2. File > Add Account
  3. The Add Account wizard will open.
  4. Click Add Other Mail Account...
  5. Enter the Fields Full Name/Email/Password > Create > Next
  6. Select POP
  7. Enter these fields Username & Password, Mail Server. (Your username is your email address)
  8. Untick SSL change the port to 110 & Authentication type to Password , Next >
  9. Outgoing Server (SMTP Server) :
  10. Your mailbox should be added
For your reference we have included a table with the complete settings.

Mailbox Settings

Email AddressYour full email
PasswordYour mailbox password**************
UsernameYour full email
TypePOP ( Post office Protocol)POP
Port = 110
Port = 587
Please Note: Replace with your domain name & harrison.smith with your email alias.
TitleSetting up your cPanel email in MacMail
URL NameSetting-up-your-cPanel-email-for-in-MacMail

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