Migration To The Console - MyAccount Payments
During Migration, the way you are billed may need to be updated. In this article we've compiled the information you'll need to ensure uninterrupted service during the migration.
Can I pay by Cheque or EFT?
How to pay by Cheque or EFT?
Retail Migration FAQ
We realise that migration can disrupt day-to-day operations, so we've compiled a list of the most common questions we receive during migrations to hopefully mitigate as much of that as possible.
Update Credit Card Information
How to update credit card information for your whole account in The Console
How do I pay an overdue invoice?
An article describing how to pay an overdue invoice.
How do I cancel a service?
A quick overview of how to cancel a service with Melbourne IT.
How To Make Payments
To pay your invoices from inside your account, follow the instructions below: Log into the Console. Click on the Billing tab. Locate the invoice you wish to pay and click Pay now.
FAQ: I Moved My Domain Name From Melbourne IT To Another Provider, But I’m Still Being Charged
This article aims to address concerns about the differences between billing for domains and billing for hosting - different services that can exist independently, and aren't necessarily cancelled simultaneously.