What is a MyAccount? Do I need one?

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TitleWhat is a MyAccount? Do I need one?

A Melbourne IT MyAccount is a centralised way to keep track of your domain names, services and billing information with Melbourne IT. Currently, a MyAccount is required to handle transactions with Melbourne IT. If you find that your domain is not in a MyAccount, don’t panic, it might be the case that your domain name pre-dates our current interface or was released by one of our partners. If this is the case, you can simply create an account and add the domain name. The MyAccount is broken down into three sections: My Purchases, Account Management and My Profile. Each section has different functionality, all of which are explained below:

My Purchases

The My Purchases section is the gateway to your products and services with Melbourne IT. In particular, it enables users to manage them within three different sections. Each section is outlined below.

  • Manage Domain Names

The management of your domain names are done through here. Users are able to access a variety of domain name management functions which include updating of contact details, DNS management, delegation of name servers, lock and unlock, change of registrant, transfer of domain into Melbourne IT and the retrieval of passwords.

  • Manage Services

Once a service has been purchased with Melbourne IT, the service is added to your MyAccount. The Manage Services section allows you to access your hosting Control Panel and should you require to cancel your service, this can be done through here. Please refer to the cancellation guide for more information.

  • Order Summary

Provides a snapshot of all orders placed with Melbourne IT. All orders associated with your MyAccount can be viewed here and any invoices linked to your order can be retrieved.

Account Management

Retrieving invoices for orders placed can be easily accessed through here. This section gives you the opportunity to view all, paid, outstanding and refund invoices that can be printed out.

My Profile

You can update your MyAccount details here. Users have the ability to update personal contact information, manage your payment details and update your MyAccount password.

Please Note: The contact details you update will only take affect for the MyAccount only. This will not update your domain name contact details. Should you need to update your domain name/s, then please refer to the Manage Domain Names section.


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