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The following guide refers to the following plans:

  • Website + Mobile + Marketing 
  • Website Shop + Marketing + Facebook 

When you take out one of our new Website Builder hosting plans with Melbourne IT, we offer a simple, easy to navigate page to control the settings, create new email addresses, take a look at some statistics about who’s visiting the site, or get really in-depth and configure your SQL database.

You’ll find a link to the control panel in the activation email we send out when you purchase a hosting plan. If you’ve misplaced this, we can re-send it to you, or you can log in through the MyAccount using the steps below:

Accessing the Control Panel through your MyAccount

To access your Control Panel through the MyAccount please refer to the following instructions.

  1. Log into your MyAccount using your login information
  2. Under 'Manage Services' click Manage Services.
  3. In the 'Show All' dropdown list, select services which are 'Active'.
  4. This will narrow your searches to services that are only Active.
  5. Click on the service that you want manage.
  6. Under 'Service Details' take note of your login information for your Control Panel. Click Manage Service to access your Control Panel.
  7. A new window will appear with your Control Panel login. Type your login information and click Login

Alternative ways to login to your control panel are:

If you are using Melbourne IT's hosting for your website

(A record pointed to us and delegated to our name servers)

The easiest way to access your control panel is to use this format: 

http://<insert domain name here>/stats/ 

If you are not delegated to Melbourne IT's name servers or you have modified you A record to point your website to another website provide:

The easiest way to access your control panel is to use this format:

 http://<insert IP address here>/stats/ 

This information can be found on your Welcome Email when you signed up for the hosting service. 

A new window will appear with your Control Panel login. Type in your login information and click Login.


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