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TitleSupport Code Authentication

In all instances, any caller requesting information for or assistance with Melbourne IT account must provide a valid Account Reference and Password for identification purposes. Many customers, however, aren't comfortable providing this information via phone or email. Instead, customers can provide a Support Code (sometimes called a One Off Support Code) that can be generated any time assistance is required. This code provides an additional layer of security for client accounts, so that login information does not have to be supplied via insecure means.. 

A one off code may be generated for either an Account or Domain name, depending on what you have access to. 

Support Code

The Account level Support Code is required when requesting changes that will affect all domains on your account or the billing of your account. For example, changing your billing cycle from monthly to yearly. This One Off Support Code will authenticate you as the owner of the account, and you can use it for all support requests relating to domains under your Account.

To generate a support code:

  1. Log into the Console at the admin level
  2. Navigate to the Support code area in the top right hand corner
  3. Click [new code]

Domain Support Code

The Domain level one off code is required only if you are not the Account holder, but you want to request information or updates for a specific domain name held under a larger account owned by someone else. For example, if you want to change the server type your website is hosted on, you will need a one off support code. An account level one off code can also be used to authenticate any requests for any individual domains in your account.

To generate a Domain support code:

  1. Log into The Console at the domain level
  2. On the right side, click to generate a support code

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