Setup Website and URL forwarding

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TitleSetup Website and URL forwarding
Website and URL forwarding is used to redirect visitors of a web address to another web address, for example is redirected to
To establish a Website forward using the Web and Email Forwarder or Domain Manager services, please follow the steps below.
Login to your MyAccount by clicking the Login link at the top right of the website and entering your username and password.

The MyAccount Console will be then appear.
  1. Click Manage Services
  2. Click on the service attached to your domain name
  3. Click Manage Service
  4. Click Redirection under Settings
  5. In the Pointing URL field type the address you wish to redirect your domain name to
  6. Click [Change Redirector]
Please note you have the option to ‘Cloak’ the forwarding and only display the original web address (URL). Though Cloaking can be useful, we recommend disabling it as Cloaking is not Search Engine friendly and can negatively impact rankings in Google, Bing, etc.
For the forwarding service to work please ensure your domain name is delegated to the name servers below.

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