Registering a domain name

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TitleRegistering a domain name
The registration process
  1. Log in to your Admin Panel
  2. Go to Domains > Register
  3. Enter the domain you wish to register and select the extension and registration period.
  4. Use the Search existing customers field to select the account for the domain to go into (by default this is your reseller account)
  5. Enter the registrant contact details (these should be the details of the person or organisation that own the domain)
  6. If the domain is a .au extension also enter the ABN or ACN details, ABN details should appear on a ABN search here and ACN details on a search here (we cannot accept registration certificates, the ABN or ACN must appear in a lookup)

Registration Statuses

You can check the status of a registration in your Admin Panel under Orders > Pending Domain Registrations.
For transfer statuses check here, and for hosting order statuses check here.

domain exists in aii - An old record of the domain already exists in our system, this requires manual checking by our domains team, please contact us for this status.

create contacts failed - There was an error with the registrant contact details, usually a typo or syntax error, please contact us for this status.

fraud not passed - Something about the registration, such as the IP sending the request or certain words in the domain, has tripped our fraud checking system and the domains team need to manually review it, please contact us for this status.

waiting registrar approval - We have had a large number of registrations submitted and they are queued for processing, if this is urgent please contact us to have it fast tracked.

preauth failed - The payment method on your account has been blocked for preauthorisation, this may be due to insufficient prepaid balance, an expired credit card or a block by your card issuer on preathorisation checks, please contact us to have us re-attempt the preauth.

check asic fail - The ABN or ACN details do not match anything in the ASIC databases, please contact us so that this can be updated to valid details.

registration failed - Something has gone wrong sending the registration details to the registry office, please contact us so this can be retried.

creating product workflow failed - The domain registration has completed but the creation of your Domain Manager package has failed, please contact us for this status.

setup domain failed - The domain registration has completed but the system was unable to create a record for the domain for you to manage it, please contact us for this status.

potential virtualisation conflict - The domain registration has completed but there is more than one record for the domain and it requires manual checking by our domains team, please contact us for this status.

Order is missing - Your registration has been rejected by our system as it does not meet the criteria for registration, you should have also received an email stating the reason for this rejection. If you believe the registration is valid please contact us.

Domain name pricing and registration periods

There are private regulation bodies that set the guidelines for different types of domain names. These bodies have differing rules for registrations and registration periods. For example, auDA (Australian Domains) will only allow 2 year registration periods, whereas ICANN (com/net/org/info/biz) permits up to 10 years of registration for a domain.

How long does it take to register a domain name?

Once applications for a domain name are submitted to DPS Melbourne IT, our domain administration team will process your request straight away. During business hours, you will rarely have to wait longer than 60 minutes for your registration to be processed. 

Note: If your registration application requires manual approval, the registration time can be a little longer. If you have not been contacted within 24 hours - please contact DPS Melbourne IT's account management team who will update you on the progress of your application. Simply email with the following information:

  • Domain Name
  • Account Reference

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a text based representation of an internet protocol (IP) resource used to navigate the internet. 

Originally the internet was comprised only of IP addresses, which looked like this: Domain names were introduced to make the internet easier to navigate by the average user - because it's easier to remember words than it is to remember long number sequences. 


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