Modifying Credit Card details

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TitleModifying Credit Card details

To manage the payment information on file for your account, please begin by logging into your MyAccount. On the right hand side of the top column, click "Manage payment details". 

You will see a tab marked "Credit cards". If you select this, you will see a list of card numbers saved to your account. Click the "Show actions" tab.

When you select the "Show actions" tab, you will see the following actions:

  • Add credit card
  • Set as primary. This will set the card as the default payment method for all new orders.
  • Edit credit card. Use this to update the expiry date of an existing card.
  • Delete credit card. This removes the card form the account.

Please note: Adding a new card or setting another card as the primary will not change the card used for repeating scheduled payments. If you need to change the payment method for a scheduled payment, please contact Support.


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