How do I get my domain name out of redemption​?

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TitleHow do I get my domain name out of redemption​?

What does it mean when your domain is in redemption status?

When a generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) name (.com, .net, .org, . biz, etc) has been expired for more than 30 days, it is automatically assigned a redemption WHOIS status for another 30 days. This means that you still have the option to renew the domain. With a fee, a domain may be recovered from redemption at any time during this 30 day period. This fee includes the first year of renewal and is collected by Melbourne IT on behalf of the registry. 
If a domain cannot be recovered from redemption, it will be deleted from the registry and become available for new registration.

How do I recover a domain name in redemption status?

To recover a domain name from redemption, please print and complete the form below:
Domain Redemption Form (AUD) (76.4 KB)
Domain Redemption Form (USD) (76.4 KB)
Note: If you have web hosting or email hosting with Melbourne IT, these services will still be available even after your domain's expiry date. They don't automatically terminate when your domain name expires as, in some situations, they can still be used. If these services are no longer needed you will need to
cancel any services which are no longer needed on a given domain name.

For further information refer to the 
gTLD Domain Expiration Cycle.

How much does it cost to recover a domain from redemption?

In order to recover a domain name from redemption, you will need to pay an additional fee on top of the regular domain renewal fee. The total cost of recovering a domain from redemption is $310. This cost includes both a one year renewal of the domain name and recovering the domain out from redemption.

To avoid the additional cost of recovering a domain from redemption, we recommend customers make use of our domain auto-renewal feature.

How do I prevent my domain from falling into redemption?

It is becoming increasingly common for domain names to be backordered, which means that your expiring domain name could already be scheduled for registration by another person. Domains are commonly registered the instant they become available by domain retailers (people who make money by buying and selling domains), who then charge the original domain owner a fee (often at a premium) to regain control of the domain.

If you wish to keep a domain that has entered the redemption period, submit a redemption request before your domain is deleted. If we do not receive a redemption request from you within 30 days from the domain’s expiry date, we can't guarantee that the domain will still be available. If you’d still like your domain name we recommend taking action now. The redemption charges to claim your domain name are likely to be much less than the costs presented by the new owner of your domain.

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